Some ideas for your dream startup

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

All you need is that one idea which you are going to use to have a firm base in the competitive market. Ideas need right manifestation and it can only be done through sheer dedication.

Having a business that produces all women products is for sure going to be profitable. You can get clothes from reliable suppliers and market it. You can get a store in a good location or sell the products online. The option is never ending. You can also go for bags. Handmade bags will be low cost. You can be creative with waste clothes that come out of dressmaking and create cute pouches and bags and coin holders. It is extremely low cost and all it needs is your creativity.

 Girls buy lot of things. The list just does not end. With so many new fashions coming up the production and supply of clothes, accessories bags and shoes are ever expanding. 

Small business consultants are also a good option and you can go for. You can set up your own consultancy firm and take clients and provide them with solution. Small business consultants could do good business as you are targeting a niche. It is only for small business that you are going to find solutions. It is to be kept in mind that any kind of business consultants will require expert knowledge and critical thinking.

Apart from that, it also requires good communication skill, an online presence and flexible approach to dealing with clients. Consulting business firms are those kinds of organizations that can serve all kinds of industries and all kinds of organization. No matter what the niche market is business consultants are needed in some way or the other

Another small scale business could be candle manufacturing. If you go on buying readymade candles then the price is going to rise as you will have to add your profit too. But if you are going manufacture beautiful candles yourself then it is going to get your larger profit margin. All you need to do is get a candle making machine and get other raw materials like wax and thread and start making candles in beautiful molds.

With India developing greatly on the trade and commerce front there is a great opportunity force that has been created. Start ups are booming and the number of business start ups is increasing more than ever. Another creative idea of capturing the market and target consumers could be website designing. You can work as a freelancer and create websites for people who want to promote their business. Sometimes this job can also be including in the consultancy business but it’s quite an independent genre of work.

Next option could be making work clothes or rather uniforms. Nurse, firemen and many other professionals require clothes or uniform. You can take orders from companies and supply the clothes based on their briefing. So if you have expertise in making clothes then this is a good business idea for you.

There are many ideas that can be executed if you have the market idea and have the report in hand. A business plan will be based on the report that is made after completing a good market research. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you need to expand business step by step. Each stage of marketing will need a separate strategy and one cannot implement a mature strategy in the beginning.

 If you are not sure if you can draft a business plan for your start up then you can get in touch with small business consultants. They are going to guide you effectively in small businesses.


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