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Econstra international is a global strategy consulting and implementation firm that caters global companies to be successful in the Indian market. Through our management advisory service and implementation assistance, we guide the global companies in entering new ventures, global strategy execution, finding and managing vendor partners in India and establishing an overseas presence.

Our detailed understanding of India, its policies and regulations, advantages and challenges enables you to make decisions that are relevant to your businesses objectives or market entry strategy, ensuring long term profitability and growth.

As a global consulting firm, we focus on globalization, with three main broad practices: Marketing, business sourcing and consulting.

  • We help western companies to market their service or products into India.
  • We assist with worldwide sourcing of service and products from emerging economies of US, India and other similar countries.
  • As part of our business consulting, we advise your clients on cross-border mergers and acquisitions of emerging countries.
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Strategic Intent

Strategic intent incorporates a dynamic administration method that includes concentrating the association's focus on the spirit of winning, motivating professionals by communicating to them the rate of the target, making considerable space for group and team charity, and supporting the energy of delivering recently prepared definitions. We depict where the company is headed to in a persuasive and convincing presentation, which the employees can readily understand. We provide each and every worker with a statement to help them adapt, extend and meet new requirements of the company. We are always going to be by your side when it comes to filter your company's strategic intent since it offers long-term solidity and stability to the arrangement of changes over the course of a few years.

Strategic Assessment

This has been planned as a sensible learning experience. This is an assembled evaluation which focuses on certain crucial tactical theme between the Administrator Team and the Host Organizer. The Host Organization describes a strategic theme on which they would require the evaluation. In contrast to the estimation for Econstra inside Strategic Assesment, the advisers are taught during their location visit. An Econstra Trainer further facilitates the entire estimation all the way. All through the location visit, the Econstra Trainer gives the group coaching and training on appropriate tools and procedures to inquire about and recognize the case. They will also talk to relevant individuals inside the host organization to make their accommodation.

Strategic Development

Skilled in business development and crucial planning our strategic development experts advise foreign business people and corporate clients on how to make an entry and position their brand in the worldwide market. We cogitate that raising a corporate methodology may not be appealing for large industries but small organizations must apply for strategic management for the achievement of their goals. We can commit dedication and support for the entire timeline of the project, right from the launch to sustainable success. Our business administration experts will work with you to create the business policy.

Long-term Planning

This is done in acknowledgement and appreciation of the fact that accomplishing a major part of the organization’s target requires endeavors attempted over several years, with a lot of steps which must be finished en-route. Interestingly, the organization’s annual plan is concentrated on allocating the company’s human and monetary resources just for the next year. The annual plan has significantly more monetary forecasts than the long-term plan, which is to a great extent a statement of the common tactical way forward.

Our Best Success Stories

Success Stories

Metal & Mining

After an initial brief with Kennametal in order to understand their goals and objectives, Econstra quickly realized the challenges it would meet during the project. What our marketing strategy...

Corporate Restructuring

A company initiated its demerger exercise in January 2009 after the agreement of the Board of Directors to hive of the Pharmacy business into a new company. After the demerger the...

Energy and Utilities

This company is involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Safety concerns were a major driver for the development of an...


When providing products with “purity, integrity and care” is a key to your company mantra, they must arrive in peak condition. And if you’re a specialty company, distributing those products from...


Primarily franchise-operated, a hotel is one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the industry with over 1,500 locations nationwide. In keeping with America’s growing demand for health- and...

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How do we help you?

At ECONSTRA International we believe passionately that any collaborative business partnership creates jobs and growth opportunities in both countries and that global business has ideas, technology, services and products that can succeed in India too.

Our consulting service follows a phased approach starting with a deep evaluation of the recent market opportunity for the clients, followed by approaching a strategic proposition for their Indian entry and finally implementation of the recommended strategy to establish a winning presence in India.

  • Our team is competent enough for both Western and Indian culture, we can easily navigate through both countries to enhance the business opportunity.
  • Our skilled professional and social networks connect us well with corporate and government leaders and organization of India to drive long term profit growth and gain executive alignment around the world.
  • We are quick and agile in responding and operating right move to build a clearer, more compelling strategic intent through global analysis.
  • We work as one integrated global team. As an independent consultancy, we work only for you, the foreign company.
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We have diverse experience across different sectors of the automotive industry - from light-truck manufacturers to heavy-truck manufacturers, to passenger-car production to agricultural and construction equipment companies. Our automotive consulting services offer the maximum benefit to our clients by providing rigorous training and counseling in business management. Automotive consultancy works with OEMs over brand management, launching new products, organizing and supervising projects, lean manufacturing and production, supplier management, and value-chain cost reduction.


Media/ Entertainment

Very soon, we are going to offer a comprehensive range of cost effective production services to local production houses, independent documentary filmmakers, ad agency, and television series producer. In fact, we are looking for line production coordination in Kolkata.


Chemical Industry

Competitive turmoil has made the chemical industry face many brunts. Under such a situation, newcomers with a low budget are changing the basic financial dynamics of the industry and the recognized traditional competitors are getting into a flux. They find it difficult to stay rooted. Even the time-tested strategies seem to be non-responsive in a situation like this, leaving little or no time to find alternatives. Companies have geared up to find alternatives and survival strategies, many customary policies are giving way to new markets, many are trying to cut on costs to increase profitability. We work to provide services that will not only guide to find the successful survival strategy, but also make it cost effective, and profit increasing.


Energy And Utilities

In a compelling situation that is constantly thwarting energy and utility companies, this sector is witnessing massive evolution. Regulatory shifts, the launch of alternative energy advancements, the rise of fresh rivals, and cost susceptibility all are making it further startling. Many companies have adopted various defense mechanisms and survival strategies to combat this situation. Progress of the core business is essential which many companies have focused on.



In today’s overwhelming uncertainties, the retail industry is also in doldrums. Under such circumstances, retailers are increasing sales by looking out for profitable locations. Internet is the main tool that brings the world at our hands. With this inclination, there has been a significant rise in e-shopping, home shopping. By taking multifarious ways, retailers are creating a new dimension to the valued customers, keen on shopping. To make the most, retailers are also extending trade to other countries which have fast emerging markets and through dynamic strategies are also emerging successful.



We work with Engineering and Construction firms, associating closely with our clients. We lay down an enduring approach that will be of assistance for improved productivity and reduction of costs. We also assist in risk management and tackle any crisis, simultaneously focusing on the desirable ventures and talents for total accomplishment. We also provide veteran consultancy on growth strategy, organization design, performance management, people process redesign, IT, commercial processes like bidding and estimation, project risk management, and lean execution of projects.

Strategy and Opportunity

Growth Strategy and Opportunity:

With restricted opportunities to implement a strategic development procedure in western markets because of the vulnerabilities in the domestic marketplace, numerous foreign administrators are finding that they can succeed in overseas markets. India has immense populaces and a growing middle class tend to use western-made items. India's service industries have made colossal gain in manufacturing and other service sectors in recent past.

With our educated workforce, we can offer potential opportunities for global companies looking to expand their international business strategy with fruitful feedback.

How to develop a global Business Strategy:

  • Planning is Key. What works in domestic market may not be viable in India. Characterize your objectives and work with consultants that are familiar to the region to achieve those targets. Seek a joint endeavor, the R and D method and product development divisions, product placement or provider capacities.
  • Currency Fluctuations. The U.S. greenback does not go the extent that it once did. It is wise enough to think about the capability of Currency Fluctuations and the effect it can have on a business deal or on your on-going achievement. Momentary changes can be "supported" however be prepared for long term move in cash rates too.
  • Export items or Manufacture In-Country. Exporting items to India may result in extra costs, for example, import charges, extract duty, and coordination costs. As the quantity of knowledgeable workers in these nations' expand, it might be beneficial to manufacture where the buyers are exactly located.
  • Sourcing Products: Consultants that work in sourcing and coordination can give a significant support for those organizations searching for low cost suppliers.

A global economy is quickly turning the regulations and those business executives that can adjust rapidly will gain by this extension. There is an abundance of opportunities available in India and around the globe. A well-thought global business strategy is basic to the long term achievement of American, European, and Global business.

We trust that our Business strategy in India will guide some of the normal inquiries we get inquired. If you need more inside and out help when looking to do work with India, we'll be happy to serve you.

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Econstra has given my firm a fresh life which really brings happiness to my soul. When my firm was suffering from serious issues, they helped me a lot to overcome all difficulties.

Adam Stone

When we go to Econstra, there is an anxiety in my mind regarding the outcomes of their task. But, after several sessions of consultancy, my idea has been changed. Really, they deserve the best..

Mark James

Econstra is no doubt, one of the finest consultancy services for small and medium business. When we go to them, we have got enough support and different helpfulness for the success of our company.

Michel Peter
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Business In India

Ease of Doing Business In India

It is important that you as a foreign brand or entrepreneur know about the ease of doing business. In this regard we must understand the cost involved in business operation in India. If we compare the employees cost then of course here the laborers charge is lower and there is not much cost involved in medical insurances of employees. This is real resource drainer in USA. The cost of land too can be quite lower here as compared to the West.

Now let us look at the areas where there the cost in India is higher or same as USA. In India annual compensation provided to employees are higher. In addition to the salary there could be demands of benefits like car, housing and drivers.

Tax and duties are also relatively higher. As India is an importer of oil and gas, these products also is not going to be cost saving.

Another major issue that has been noticed by many of the foreign companies is the issue of bribe.

We are going to provide you in-depth research report on these topics and also guide you through the travel procedure and other legal matters.

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