Project Description

Engineering and Construction Firms

We work with Engineering and Construction firms, associating closely with our clients. We set out an enduring approach that will be of help for enhanced productivity and reduction of costs. We likewise aid risk management and handle any crisis, simultaneously focusing on the desirable ventures and talents for total accomplishment. We additionally give veteran consultancy on growth strategy, organization design, performance management, people process redesign, IT, commercial processes like bidding and estimation, project risk management, and lean execution of projects.

Lenders and Investors

We serve lenders and investors with designs of expressive portfolio and give one of a kind business think-tank. We are uniquely put to cater them through investment procedure and offer separate help amid individual transaction.

Policy Makers and Infrastructure Planners

We anticipate augment economic and social advantage that our clients desire to win through particular infrastructure approaches, accordingly expanding efficiency and esteem. We model strategic plans, realize best funding pattern to devise strategies and execute them effectively.

Real Estate Developers

We are moving towards synchronization of comprehensive range of real estate services covering sale, buy, lease, lease to advisory services and transaction management of private, commercial, land, lodgings, and so forth in Industrial belt adjoining Kolkata. With a broad database, most recent refreshed information, real and dependable research analysis, 24X7 customer bolster, greatest number of certifiable intrigued purchasers and the NRI clients, has absolutely expanded our credibility in the real estate market.

Social Infrastructure Developers

We give particular target solutions to make developmental infrastructure, design and enhance conveyance through cost reduction. Simultaneously, we are thriving to give better administration superior quality and efficiency.

Transport Developers

We are uniquely poised to help the transport developers. We are fit to work universally, on their operations in capacity planning, business assessment, asset design and in addition stakeholder management to fabricate lasting benefit.

Utility and Resource Developers

We offer tailored solutions to utility developers to influence the most great capital to yield lessening risk and enhancing performance of individual asset and in addition corporations overall.