We come up with a wide range of integrated projects and analytical activities. Our working partners are the CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, VP Sales, VP Strategy, Division President, Non-profit Organisation Executives, and SME Owners who come from different walks of life with an intent to build an economically responsible and financially viable society

We work with CEOs who see potential in their business and want to get there fast. They look for a partner who would challenge their thinking, and bring in best practices and insights from within and outside.


  • Make tough decisions on organizational strategy
  • Evaluate fresh business prospects and develop action plans
  • Get executive team alignment on key resolutions
  • Locate the resources and man-power in place for effective execution
  • Achieve greater employee performance and commitment


Our CFO clients know that delivering a sound financial performance requires alignment around a clear plan. Since they are on the hook to deliver profitability, they want a logical process that ends in an improved bottom line. They are looking for a thought partner who can talk the language of sales, marketing and operations, and bring more rigors to decision-making. They appreciate a structured process, based on facts, to get agreement on direction, action steps, and responsibilities. We have helped CFOs in

  • Aligning leaders of other corporate functions to improve financial performance
  • Gaining agreement on critical financial and strategic decisions
  • Performing competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Implementing new metrics to strive best corporate performance

VP Sales

We work with VP Sales Leaders who search for a more effective way to develop, motivate, support, and manage their sales force. They want to create a sales organization that consistently outperforms the target given. We have helped sales leaders to

  • Optimize manpower structure and roles
  • Create specialized sales approaches for highly potential vertical markets
  • Refine metrics and incentives
  • Improve recruitment, retention, and development
  • Get better integration among sales channels
  • Breed revenues by proper alignment of products, marketing, operational and sales objectives
  • Pick up customer and product knowhow for enhancing selling skills
  • Design sales and customer service processes, hence maximizing customer value

VP Strategic Planning

VP Strategic Planning Leaders often have a very strong internal team charged with both corporate and divisional development and implementation plans. Even when strong teams are in place, EconStra can help in three ways.

  • It may provide structured processes to create agreement on strategic choices. Guide and coach on analysis. Suggest frameworks, plan, and facilitate executive meetings
  • It is capable of providing outside perspective, cross-industry thinking, and new ways of approaching problems and opportunities.
  • It shall perform an independent analysis on competitors, customers, or organizational capability.

Division Presidents or Senior Managers

Division Presidents or Senior Managers reach their strategic goals faster. They look to us as an equal partner who can facilitate them in strengthening division performance while achieving greater synergies within the corporate portfolio. We have helped business unit leaders in:

  • Developing a compelling vision and clear priorities
  • Clarifying strategies to grow sales borders and improve margins
  • Benchmarking division performance vs. market leaders inside and outside their industry
  • Identifying and assessing options to convalesce performance
  • Recognizing customer needs and estimating competitor capabilities

Nonprofit Organisation Executives

Non-profit Organisation Executives and Boards that we work with are passionate about carrying on their assignment. They do want to develop and execute the best possible action plan to deliver on their mission. We have helped these non-profit Organisation leaders to

  • Clarify and revise if required, their mission
  • Develop and implement strategies to achieve the mission
  • Understand and respond to the needs of stakeholder groups including donors, alliance partners, board members, communities, volunteers and users
  • Attain the finest board composition, structure, and effectiveness
  • Widen performance rubrics to get better trust and accountability, signal changes in constituent needs, and enhance the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission
  • Improve performance by shifting resources, getting better course of action and skills, and building leadership effectiveness
  • Build up effective marketing, community outreach, public relations, and fund-raising programs
  • Achieve sound financial sustainability

SME Owners

Small-business owners hunt for an expert advisor at key decision-making points, especially when they are at the threshold of lifting their business to the next level. Whether a new business is going to take off or have operated successfully for years, and now it is the time to step forward, our expertise and perspectives can help you to

  • set business and personal goals that motivate and guide both the employer and the employees
  • Formulate critical decisions about pricing, distribution channels, and marketing investments
  • Bring together, manage, and motivate a high-performing team
  • Attract the right fund supply
  • Circumvent roadblocks and make appropriate changes in the business strategy as market competitiveness and technological changes occur frequently
  • Make sound decisions about selling business at the right time to the right person