Project Description

Soon, we will offer an extensive range of cost-effective production services to local production houses, independent movie producers, ad agencies, and producer of TV series. Actually, we are searching for coordinators with whom we can begin line production in Kolkata.

Acquisition Planning, Due Diligence, and Post-Merger Integration

We provide counseling on all levels of the acquisition process right from developing the idea to incorporation to achieving goals objectively.

Advertising Sales

Our support enables our clients to strengthen sales, along with overseeing yields and compensations. We extensively use group sales to alleviate our success to the next level. We also offer high-value solutions suited to the best interests of the client, to make the most from our efforts.

Corporate Strategy

We help center around procedures aimed at improving costs in JV’s and M&A’s, pricing models, enforcing sales and propelling products in a boisterous economic environment.

International Markets

We are trying to make our entry in global markets with aspirations of working with the players in these markets. Our efforts help our clients enter international markets that are in a good condition along with facilitating their synchronization with the local markets. Our new and innovative strategies help them achieve these goals effectively.

Lean Operations

We put to use customary operations procedures like overhauling the process and inventory network rationalization to lower the costs of editorial strategies. Our efforts will ensure high-quality work, along with reducing costs substantially and delivering better yield.

New Products and Innovation

Greater number of hits is directly proportional to the success of media companies, or so is the widely held view of the same. But when it comes to achieving that, the primary core of creativity can often be pressing coupled with established concerns. We also support with uploading new items and propose high-ranking supervision with fundamental frameworks that will be organized and also conceive innovative methods to cultivate advancement.


We alter costs shrewdly with greater pricing adaptability to create a definite price structure that takes into account marketplace perception. We also employ motivating pricing assessment with time and right information.

Retail Distribution

Retail Distribution has become more confounded and troublesome day by day. We strategize through fresh prices and seller administration management possibilities to bring success to the classes of books, music and consumer electronics.

Technology Strategy

Our strategy is centered around on appropriate lessening of cost to a significant amount along with working on enhancing business productivity. We provide a significant IT support at cut-off margin, to help organizations cut-down on their spending.